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縫 盜 聲 程 遊​:​稻​埕​發​聲 Weave​-​Rob​-​Sound​-​Process​-​Roam (in Dadaocheng)

by Nigel Brown, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang 張惠笙 & Yannick Dauby 澎葉生

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這次表演元素如同表演名稱 「縫 盜 聲 程 遊 : 稻埕發聲」,反應大稻埕的歷史發展及藝術家的實體演出。Nigel Brown, 張惠笙(Alice Chang) 及 澎葉生(Yannick Dauby)將探索整個區域,並錄下當地的聲音,將這些錄音檔融入在現在表演中。這三人團體雖都居住在台灣,但對大稻埕並不熟悉,有如當年林藍田來到這,一個陌生人在一塊陌生的土地。Nigel, Alice及Yannick將以局外人「嶄新的耳」去探索大稻埕並與她互動,演出當日這三人團體將會與當地的環境及空間建立緊密的關係,以全新的方式表現大稻埕!

“Weave-Rob-Sound-Process-Roam” is a project by three sound artists, Nigel Brown, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Yannick Dauby, for the 2017 Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of the Arts.

The three artists are visiting sites around Dadaocheng (pronounced “Tua-Tiu-Tiann” or “Twatutia” in Taiwanese), a historically significant area in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dadaocheng, one of the city’s oldest districts, was founded by an immigrant on the run. In the mid-1800s, Lin Lan-tian (林藍田) traveled there from his native Fujian, at a time when lawlessness was rampant. Soon after Lin arrived at the northern Taiwanese port of Keelung, he had to flee from from “Haidao,” (海盜) literally “Sea Robbers,” or pirates. He found safe haven in Dadaocheng, where he founded one of the area’s first trading posts.

Since then, Dadaocheng has grown to become a center of commerce and culture for Taipei, and continues to transform. In the 19th century, it was the Taiwan’s main hub for a booming tea trade. In the 20th century, it nurtured intellectuals and artists, not to mention some decadent pursuits. Today, Dadaocheng is undergoing gentrification fueled by in part by historical nostalgia, and at the same time remains the site of working-class merchant businesses, which includes a wholesale market for traditional goods. It is also well-known as a major trade center for the country’s fabric and textile industry.

With this historical and cultural tapestry in mind, the Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts invited Nigel, Alice and Yannick to roam throughout - and interact with – physical spaces and people in Dadaocheng.

The elements of this performance are embodied in the project title, “Weave - Rob - Sound - Process - Roam,” which reflects both the historical development of Dadaocheng, and the actual work performed by the artists.

Nigel, Alice, and Yannick will visit and explore the area, recording and collecting sound samples to produce an installation work. Those materials will be incorporated into a live performance on Oct 15, 2017.

The trio are all based in Taiwan, but none of them are intimately familiar with Dadaocheng. So in essence, they will be in the same position as Lin Lan-tian when he first arrived: a stranger in a strange land.

The three plan to visit with “fresh ears,” engaging in a process of discovery and interaction as outsiders. But by the time of the performance, they will have established a connection with the local environment and space, with the aim of presenting a new way to experience Dadaocheng.


released November 21, 2017

敘述:大稻埕在地畫家 施正文先生、李亭香餅舖 李佳陽先生、台北霞海城隍廟 吳孟寰先生及 佳人工作室女裁縫師(永樂布業商場) 廖紅葉小姐

Narration by:
Mr Shih Cheng-wen, Painter
Mr John Lee, Manager of Lee’s Cakes, a traditional pastry shop
Mr Titan Wu, Tour Guide and Public Relations Staff Member at Xia Hai City God Temple
Ms Liao Hung-ye, Tailor and seamstress at Yongle Fabric Market




Yannick Dauby / Kalerne Editions Taiwan

Sound artist and field recordist based in Taiwan. Sound designer/mixer for film. Audio documentary maker and electroacoustic music composer.
Works inspired by ethnography, amphibian conservation, stories from the forests & mountains and marine biology. Collaborates with communities and individuals in Hakka villages and Indigenous territories.
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