The Growth of Artefacts

by Yannick Dauby



Originally release as a cassette tape, limited editions of 77 copies, on the 11th May 2015 by Discrepant, UK.

A few remaining copies are available at

" The world of our experience is, indeed, continually and endlessly coming into being around us as we weave. If it has a surface, it is like the surface of the basket: it has no ‘inside’ or ‘outside’. Mind is not above, nor nature below; rather, if we ask where mind is, it is in the weave of the surface itself. And it is within this weave that our projects of making, whatever they may be, are formulated and come to fruition. Only if we are capable of weaving, only then can we make. "

- Tim Ingold "On weaving a basket"

Cover image of currents map from the Marshall Islands taken from "Oceanic Mythology" (1967) by Roslyn Poignant


released November 25, 2016




Yannick Dauby Taiwan

Sound artist living in Taiwan. Obsessed by listening the environment. Feels naked when he doesn't wear microphones and headphones. In a special relationship with treefrogs and modular synthesizer. Improvises with branches and stones. Collaborates with communities in Hakka and Austronesian territories. ... more

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