The Disaster Area / 3она бедствия

by Yannick Dauby



This album was published as a CD (Ltd. 300) by SEMPERFLORENS, Russia in October 2016 (ref:sf14). It is available through their website, please support the label and buy physical copies !


" Eight hundred feet below him unending lines of trucks and rail cars
carried away the rubble and debris, and clouds of dust swirled up into
the arc lights blazing down from the roof.
As he watched a chain of explosions ripped along the wall on his left
and the whole face suddenly slipped and fell slowly toward the floor,
revealing a perfect cross-section through fifteen levels of the city."

The Concentration City. J.G. Ballard. 1957


released January 18, 2017




Yannick Dauby Taiwan

Sound artist living in Taiwan. Obsessed by listening the environment. Feels naked when he doesn't wear microphones and headphones. In a special relationship with treefrogs and modular synthesizer. Improvises with branches and stones. Collaborates with communities in Hakka and Austronesian territories. ... more

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